Introduction and Welcome


Hi, I am Ted O’Neill and since 2010 I have been working on a genealogical project focused on Patrick O’Neill and family, documenting the research and telling a story in a book. Patrick O’Neill was born in County Wicklow, Ireland in the early 1800’s. He emigrated to Canada and bought a farm near Ridgetown, Ontario Canada. Today his family’s descendants live all across Canada and the United States, and probably further than that. At this point we just haven’t found them.

This project seems to take me for ever. So I decided to read in the parts I have already written and publish them in a podcast on my website! If you are listening to this I am glad you found me. Hopefully this podcast approach will move things along faster and have the added benefit of making it much easier for people to learn about our family’s history.

What are my goals in undertaking this project?

1) To document and preserve the genealogical research completed to date for future generations of our family;

2) To present the information in an easy to consume format which is both interesting and historically accurate.

I hope that these podcasts will endure and that some of our future grand children will take up the cause and continue to document and maintain our families history.

So put on your headphones and sit back with a coffee or whatever and enjoy the story.


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